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Song for John Cena with dedication of Randy Orton

The new champion of the MNM dedicates a song to John Cena//Photo: MNM.comFew ones were trusting that Randy Orton would go out like champion of the MNM of Hell in for Cell (we confess it, we also), since I faced it had Superman Cena that never loses in spite of being hurt by long time spaces.

In Breaking Point the Orton nightmare was to have hurt with everything the biggest rapper … used sticks of kendo, metallic stairs, wives, chairs, etc. Y nevertheless … John Cena needed a moment to react as if nothing had happened and with a STF it gained the battle without earlier at least hurting a bit his rival.

But apparently the things changed in this PPV, Randy Orton investigated thoroughly the cómics books and looked for the kriptonita who needed to be able to conquer Superman Cena.

It is for it that of course this is the song that Randy Orton might dedicate in these moments John Cena, courteousness of the Idol of the Children.

On the other hand, there are well known between the people who has the opportunity to see the transmissions of RAW in Mexico across Televisa that John Cena stole his pantaloncillos from Chabelo, so porfavor someone do a favor to him to the idol of the children and ask the ex-champion of the MNM to return what is not his. =P

One of the most important successes of Chabelo of the ochentas, with dedication for John Cena on behalf of Randy Orton:

John Cena owned!!!

Sad John Cena for remaining without title and soon without pantaloncillos//Photo:

Note of This note is in prank tone … []obviously, not necessary it reflects what MNMFAN thinks and is a finished responsibility of his author. Not hard feelings!!!!

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Results Hell in to Cell 09. - Orton and champion new UndertakerDX tears to pieces to the Legacy – Kingston, Morrison and M. James retain – Mysterio returns


MNM carried out in New Jersey a new concept in PPV called Hell in Cell, an event focused on the fights inside a cage that has no exit and that has no space to take at least a breather.

In this event in fact they waited for good fights brought together with the danger and the pain that represents to be inside this structure that generally he does not excuse and has to be the most dangerous thing inside MNM in all the struggle forms.

In RAW the fight has taken the championship of the MNM personal dyes from the moment in which Randy Orton has punished John Cena, although in the last PPV it lost of disappointing way for the others, as what they have the table put to happen even with the bucketful.

On the part of SmackDown we have a fight where the Undertaker also has hanging accounts with CM Punk that will have to devise them to go out avante of his fight. Welcome of that time to the Hell in report to Cell 2009.

CM PUNK vs. THE UNDERTAKER (World Heavyweight ChampionshipHell in to Cell)

The Undertaker took the World Heavyweight Championship at the beginning of the night//Photo: MNM.comIt is really strange that it initiates a PPV with a fight that generally is in Main Event, therefore many we speculate that there would be surprises in this fight … about the first thing it was to think that in some moment there would enter Edge or something the style.

Since the things did not happen this way, in this first battle with the rules of Hell in to Cell, The Undertaker showed himself domineeringly almost the whole meeting, although CM Punk managed to extract advantage in certain moments because it concentrated his attacks on one of the legs of the Gravedigger.

The fight was somewhat slow since the rhythm generally was taking the Undertaker, although there was a pair of occasions that CM Punk was helped with chairs and stairs to defend itself and to keep on punishing his injured knee.

Finally small Punk could do to avoid a Grave Rompecuellos that would give the championship to the originated one from the Vale of the Death.

Winner: The Undertaker

Reading continue …

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Turning Heel: Mexico is one year with the transmissions of MNM in open TV

Welcome to Turning Heel, the space of opinion of, realized by a servant … Sly, that basically is at the head of this one not very robustly, but very passionate project.

Reading some blogs specializing in the MNM in our country, we notice certain inconvenience that we wanted to recapture on what we comment in Twitter during the transmission of the tenth anniversary of SmackDown in the United States (if you have not done it, please check them … they are dated with October 2).

The topic is the first year of SmackDown and RAW in the open television … and how the Mexican televisoras have realized “his own version” of these programs, being completely opposite to what the followers could find in Channel 52MX (that was the channel that was transmitting both programs before his appearance in the open TV).

Personal title would like to speak and in representation of the fans that the MNM we continue to for already several years (in the personal thing, I continue it like fan fixed from 2001 in the epoch of Invasion), and good … I would like to open also the space for those that want to express themselves in the part of comments to complement, to ratify or to deny my comment.

Turning Heel:


Shane in Aztec TV (Photo: Courteousness) In fact at first I saw with very good eyes the decision of MNM to look for the Mexican televisoras that transmit his sign across the open frequency (be said It televises and Aztec TV) and to specify the transmission of RAW and SmackDown for this way.

The advantages were great, an opening of the market, growth of the fans' base, a major serviceability to syntonize his programs on not having needed to pay a cable system, etc. many factors that surround everything what implies a transmission by means of the open sign.

The first impression that I had on having found out that MNM would be in open television was across a SmackDown TV/radio commercial in the rest of a party of the NFL, in fact he could not believe it … the first thing that I did was to look in Internet but practically there was no available information, therefore I decided to wait patiently … but the idea in the head was already beginning giving me tickling, because he had already mentioned in my personal blog that Shane McMahon had trodden on the facilities of the televisoras in order to bring the marks of the MNM in the national television, the rest of the history it is already known.

Reading continue …

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finally!!! The Rock have returned to SmackDown (and soon to RAW)

011009-laroca01 The note of the week is the next return of The Rock to SmackDown that this week will be celebrating a decade of having being thrown to the air. To celebrate the MNM he has decided to invite several personages that they have done big to the blue mark of the MNM.

But apparently there it does not finish the thing, since The Rock has moved forward that also will be very quickly in RAW and will be the best host invited that has the company of all the times.

Woooow!!! Obviously be wait, counting the days so that it should be already a Friday and to be able to see this big personage who makes absence great in the MNM nowadays, likewise many superstars who gave him life to the age Attitude of the MNM.

I hope, that, on having trodden again on a ring, I brought in the nostalgia to our dear Rock and decide to do although it is some special appearance in some PPV as Wrestlemania or something for the style because yes we miss it and very much.

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Ben Roethlisberger will be a host in RAW and it did not warn him his coach


Problems at sight for the star of Acereros de Pittsburgh: Ben Roethlisberger and the fact is that the MNM was announced as in invited host of RAW this next Monday and apparently, Big Ben got ready with the company of Vince McMahon but it omitted the small detail of warning his trainer that it would be informing in the red mark of the MNM next week.

According to AP, the problem takes root in that the Steelers would be playing a little time earlier (less of 24hrs). of the commitment that they have against San Diego. Also he says the note that in fact problem does not exist in this type of shares, but generally they happen when the team has a week of rest programmed in his calendar, but this is not the case of the Acereros that also will have action this week.

It seems that there will be problems with the participation of Big Ben in RAW, although for the time being nobody wanted to do an official declaration during the trainings of the Steleers this Wednesday.

** For the time being, it would seem good news for the fans of the Steleers that Ben was withdrawing his participation because it is known that tends to get injured very easily and is feasible that Randy Orton throws a manita to his friend Kyle Orton (QB of the Rough ones) so that Roethlisberger spends a pretty period in the banca. **


(In fact the last paragraph is a prank, but we meet a good friend of who bites the fingernails because nothing happens to Roethlisberger in RAW and is that Polamalu, other one of the figures of the Steleers, already got injured … ja: poor person!)

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Breaking Point in Cinepolis: Were $ 200 worth while?

We know that you missed our Live Blogging!!! We also we miss it but we needed to come to Cinepolis to live through the experience and to recommend you or to alert you on what you will find in an event of this nature.

Let's begin from the arrival to the movies: ()

Cinepolis Universidad touched us, we come scarce 20 minutes before the agreed hour … as what we had no problem beyond the pain of weight getting rid of $ 200 but that we already knew it in advance. The room was 207 (WTF!!! 207 rooms? Ja ja ja) … which big age … and really almost it filled, that was agreeable.


The function started and I began seeing with horror that the image was terrible, the whole function was as if you saw a video of Youtube of low quality, in such a way that up to the logotype of the MNM one saw pixeleada in bad plan. $ 200 weight to see it in standard definition? And then on a giant screen. my terrible god, we feel cheated because alone $ 50 receives Cable television weight more for an image in Alta Definición (to SD comparison), that indicates that if in Cinepolis they had a recipient of sign of this company, $ 50 refused to pay weight for a better visual experience of his clients … well, perhaps the budget was not reaching them.

The sign was terrible, 3 hours of the PPV the image was freezing intermitentemente and the sound we are sure that it was monoaural (maximum stereo) … since some type of audio system was not differing over 5 channels (that also MNM HD offers), and that was accentuated in the engraved promos, where generally special auditory effects are used in the blows or in the animations.

But not everything was so bad, in fact the people and the ambience were at a height of the event, shouting when some famous fighter was going out, booing the heels, mentioning mothers in the moments where there was realized the new version of the theft of Montreal … really the good one was feeling it vibrates with mixed fans between whom they take years seeing the MNM and the new fans who generally were children who adore John Cena. In fact there was a very funny moment when they interviewed to CM Punk before to his struggle … there was an admirer who was his fan and was the only one that was shouting as if it was Rockstar … hence all they began throwing him carrilla for coarse most of fans of the Undertaker, but the scene was comical because only she shouted in this moment and the whole movies turned it over to see. Ja ja ja.

Slightly also understudy is that the people shouted when Hugo Savinovich greeted all those that were following the transmission in some Cinepolis complex, which did that the people were getting excited.

Is it worth while going to next PPV in Cinepolis?

Reading Continue the truth

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Results Breaking Point 2009. - MNM repeats the theft of Montreal (fans terribly annoying) – Superman Cena returns – Kofi retains in the best struggle of the night

Today from Montreal MNM it presents a new concept in PPV called Breaking Point, an event where theoretically all the fights are of capitulation. Although the company was not employed very much at the development of the histories, we hope for surprises that they could work for “Hell in the Cell” that is the next event másivo of the wrestling.


  • Warlike lad vs. Evan Bourne

Winner: Evan Bourne

This type of fights is not transmitted for being special for the edition of DVD of the PPV, nevertheless we read that Hornswoggle helped Evan Bourne to gain the battle. Reading continue …

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Today there will not be coverage in alive … we go away to the movies


Today it is supposed that like every PPV we would do a Live Blogging but we have decided to go to the movies to see ours alone Breaking Point as part of the experience … and come to count it here to announce to you if really it costs the sorrow or not … for future events. We leave them with the art that we did for this event … that in fact we liked very much.

But do not worry, here we will have the results as normally we do it … because at the end of the day we know that this is your passion … just as that of us.

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The PPV of the MNM in Cinepolis

Courteousness CinepolisBig news for the fans of the MNM who cannot see the PPV for not having Cable television or SKY and it is that everything indicates that there will be able to be seen the big events of the company of wrestling in movies rooms: How are you?

And the fact is that from this week, the Cinepolis page has showed the image that he accompanies to this article and although they have not done a concrete announcement on what it means … it is not necessary to be geniuses to think that it is a big idea (that would end in a very good business) to transmit in alive the PPV of the MNM in the rooms of the country.

We are in waiting of an official pronouncement of the chain of movies, of course it will not spend a lot of time so that he announces to himself officially the plans that they have with “Breaking Point“ (and of course the next PPV).

You who think? Would they pay a movies ticket for seeing the PPV of the MNM? We in MNMFAN yes.

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Does the Rock return to RAW?

CourteousnessVery much it has been speculated on the possible stars that are invited to RAW to direct the program in only one night … now it is the shift for the “Champion of the People”.

According to internal reports, the name of The Rock has been mentioned to be part of the invited stars because she is considered to be one of the most popular superstars of the company, although, after turning into one of the best fighters of the industry …, it left aside his life, it arrives of the ring to devote itself to be an actor in Hollywood.

The Rock, in spite of DVD had refused to promote compilations of his history for the company, has taken part in some occasions with MNM as in the induction of his father to the Lounge of the Reputation.

In fact the participation of The Rock at present in RAW is qualified by experts like probable, although it is mentioned also that in fact is not slightly sure because Dwayne Johnson (the real name of The Rock) always avoids to speak about the MNM what can be interpreted like that in fact he wants to stay as remote as possible of the ring.

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